Music Maker Theme 2.21 Update

Here are the 2.20 and 2.21 theme update notes.

The 2.21 update fixes three bugs, so it is a minor release that has been added to this post.

2.21 Update

  • Bug: Fixed homepage banner not appearing if the blog is your homepage.
  • Bug: Fixed CSS issue with the footer turning black on mobile devices.
  • Fixed broken links in the WordPress admin pages.
Tutorial: How to Update the Music Maker Theme

2.20 Overview

Required Action: The Below Beat Store text input in the Theme Options panel has moved. Follow the special tutorials below.

New Updates

New Ajax Live Beat Sorting

The beat store playlist now sorts beats live without having to refresh the page.

View it by sorting beats in the beat sort bar on the demo website.

  • When the beat store menu is clicked, beats will sort live.
  • When the search input in the beat sort bar is searched, the beats will sort live.

New License Key System

There is a new license key # for all theme purchases. You will get the license key # in the email you receive.

The license key is how you will receive future theme update notifications, new features, bug fixes, and instant theme updates.

How to Activate Your License

  • You are limited to 1 website per license key.
  • Using your license key on a local host does not count against your 1 license key use.

Reorder Beat Pricing Dropdown

You can now adjust the order of the pricing in the beat sort drop down menu. Read How to Adjust the Price Order.

Mobile Improvements

  • Fixed bug with beat sort drop-down menu on mobile devices.
  • Updated beat sort menu links to be clickable on mobile devices.

Additional Changes

  • WordPress Customizer Changes
    • New Beat Sort Bar panel created under the Beat Store panel
      • Moved the beat sort related options into the Beat Sort Bar panel
    • Beat Store > General Settings updated to General
    • New panel added under Beat Store > Overlay Window
      • Overlay window settings moved to Beat Store > Overlay Window Panel
    • Beat Store > Colors renamed to Playlist Colors
    • Beat Store > Beat Store Player Height updated to Playlist Height
    • Beat Store Playlist Buy Button updated to Buy Button
    • Moved Beat Store Playlist Setting to New panel
  • New Plugin Suggestion Notification – A notification that will appear that suggest popular plugins and lets you install them with a few clicks.
  • Added a notification when a cache plugin is installed to notify of potential problems.
  • Widget Name Changes:
    • Beats: Sort Beats ( Dropdown ) renamed Beat Sorting ( Dropdown )
    • Beats: Genre, Categories, Tags renamed Beats Sorting ( Tag Cloud )
    • A price sorting option has been added to the Beat Sorting ( Dropdown ) and Beats Sorting ( Tag Cloud ) widget
    • Products: Display Newest Products renamed Products: Display Newest
  • Removed Quick Press from WordPress Dashboard
  • Fixed bugs on WordPress admin pages
  • Theme Options panel removed. All the theme options are now in the WordPress customizer.

Additional Changes



  1. Hey,

    You should add a “remove sorting” option! I think that is pretty important.

    Btw, would it be possible to change sorting already by just hovering (and not clicking) over option? That would be ace.

    Another thing: After inserting license in the Theme License field i get this: “cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds”. But i guess this is only relevant for future updates, right?

    Otherwise good job!,

  2. Where’s the tutorial to place stuff under the beat store page as the theme options has been removed? You didn’t include the link or tutorial here

    Nice update by the way!

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