Music Maker Theme 2.18 ( Read Before Updating )

Here are the update notes for the latest theme release.

New Tutorial – How to Update to 2.18 – This is a specific tutorial you need to follow for updating.

Changes that Require Action:

  • Theme Options Panel Replaced
    The options panel has been replaced with the WordPress Customizer which allows you to make changes to your website live. Over 70+ new settings added.
  • Beat Store Full Width Templates Removed
    You will now select to include the sidebar or have a full width beat store in the WordPress Customizer.

Follow this special How to Update to 2.18 tutorial to avoid confusion.

View the Demo Website to see some of the changes.

How to Get the Theme Update ( ? ) – The theme update has been emailed out from Gumroad to everyone with active licenses. Check the inbox of the email address you used to buy the theme.

What’s New

WordPress Customizer

The Theme Options panel has been replaced with this WordPress Customizer. With the WordPress Customizer you can see changes to your website made live.

Customizer Overview

The only feature to remain under the Theme Options panel is the Under Beat Store Text Editor.

Full List of Features: Live Customizer Overview – Over 70+ settings added.

Custom Colors ( New )

With the WordPress Customizer you can now customize the colors of the Header, Content Area, Footer, and Beat Store Playlist window.

Fonts ( New )

In the Customizer Fonts panel you can now enter Google fonts for your website Titles, Body Text, and Navigation Menu.

New Beat Store Options

Beat Store Playlist Colors

You can now customize the colors in the beat store playlist window.

Overlay Window Updated

The styling of the beat store overlay has been updated.

  • The title has been moved down.
  • Animated bars have been added behind the image thumbnail.
  • You can select a solid color or add a background image behind the thumbnail.

Custom Text Options

You can now add custom text for the following in the beat store playlist:

  • Buy Button Text
  • Free Download Text
  • Beats with 0.00 Price – A new custom text option has been added to add custom text to replace the $0.00 in the beat store playlist window.
  • Beat Sort Bar Text
  • Cart Button Text

People use the no price option for “Make an Offer” or “Contact For Pricing”. You can now add a link to a contact or special form.

Additional Beat Store Updates
  • Show or Hide Info – You can select to show or hide Genre, BPM, or Produced By text.
  • Beat Sort Pages – In the Customizer you can now select to make these pages full width.
  • Beats Admin Page – Added color highlights to the different status options.
  • Add Beats Page – Updated form input styling.
  • Single Beat Page – Simplified the single beat page to make the colors more adjustable.
  • Under Beat Store Text – Added the under beat store text option to the beat sort pages.
  • Beat Store Overlay – Added default image if no thumbnail has been added.
  • Single Beat Page Full Width – You can now select to make the single beat page full width.
  • Thumbnails: The playlist thumbnail image size has been increased, and the padding around the image has been decreased.
  • Thumbnails: Images are now automatically cropped into a square when uploaded.
  • Active Beat: The active beat playing in the Beat Store playlist gets bigger when playing.

New Sidebars

Two new sidebars have been added:

  1. Blog Single – Use for single blog pages.
  2. Static Pages – Appears on all static pages with sidebars.

Loading Animation ( New )

In the WordPress Customizer, you can turn on the loading animation to show a loading animation whenever a user clicks a link.

The loading animation works in Firefox, Chrome, and IE Edge. It doesn’t appear in Safari.

Header Background Image ( New )

You can now add a background image to your website header.

Additional New Features
  • Dashboard: Beat Store Sales graph added to the admin dashboard.
  • Sorting: Added an “All” option in the drop down menu when sorting products, photos, or videos to send the user back to the homepage of that section. Note: You must select the correct pages in the WordPress Customizer for the “All” option to appear on the sorted pages.
  • Sorting Menu – Added the sorting drop down menu to single products and single photos so users can go back to the photos or product homepages pages.
  • Apple Icon added to header social profiles.
  • Product Store Homepage – You can now add a banner to appear on your product store homepage in the WordPress Customizer.

Additional Updates
  • Added image thumbnails to the New Blog Post widget.
  • Removed WordPress logo from the login page.
  • Footer – The footer styling has been updated to work with the new custom color options.
  • Sidebar: Beat Store Sidebar renamed Beat Store Homepage.
  • Sidebar: Single Beat Page Sidebar renamed Single Beat Page.
  • Sidebar: General Sidebar renamed Blog Homepageā€.
  • Updated button text from “Older Posts” to Previous and “Newer Posts” to Next.
  • Help Links – Added new Music Maker Help Link
  • Updated the styling of the events widget to make more flexible with new color changing options.
  • Added the default WordPress title page support.
  • Centered text under photos, products, and video images
  • Events single page now full width.
  • The new default sidebar for the single photo page is the new Static Page sidebar.
  • Updated buttons code.
  • PHP files have been renamed and reorganized.
  • Updated beat sort template sidebar code.
  • Removed color settings from the checkout pages to make the pages colors more adjustable.
  • Widgets Page – Added icons to beat store and blog sidebars.
  • Widgets Page – Widget descriptions are now hidden until you roll over them.
  • Updated footer widget to Footer ( Left ), Footer ( Center ), Footer ( Right )
  • Updated depreciated code in widgets.
  • White background removed from video and photo overlay window
  • The mobile menu HTML character has been updated.

Removed Options
  • Beat Store ( Playlist / Full Width ) Template
  • Beat Store ( Paginated / Full Width ) Template
  • Sticky Footer – The footer has been updated to work with the new color options.
  • FeedBurner Widget – Google no longer supports Feedburner, so the widget has been removed.
  • SEO Title option removed. The theme is now using the default WordPress title feature.
  • Theme Options link removed from the top Admin Menu.
  • Photo Gallery New Window Option removed.

New Tutorial – How to Update to 2.18 – This is a specific tutorial you need to follow for updating.

Trouble Shooting After Updating
  • You should follow this tutorial completely to avoid confusion.
  • All previous Theme Options ( Accept the under beat store text ) have been moved to the WordPress Customizer.
  • Get familiar with the long list of new features and tabs.
  • Conflicting CSS – If you have CSS code that does something that the new WordPress Customizer does, you should remove the CSS code to avoid conflicts.
  • If you are having another issue that isn’t Customizer related, check out how to Trouble Shoot.
  • If you are using a cache plugin, clear the cache, and deactivate the plugin.

If you have a problem, leave a comment below instead of sending an email. Thank you.


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