Music Maker Theme 2.15 Release

Here are the update notes for the latest 2.15 theme update. Please read all the information on this page to avoid confusion.

Help: How to Download the Theme From Gumroad or Sellfy

Tutorial: How to Properly Update the Music Maker theme

You MUST unzip the theme file you download to update. Upload the file.

Required Actions After Updating

  1. Update Your Permalinks - Just go to the permalink page and click the save button to add the new sorting link structure.
  2. Go the the Theme Options panel, beat store tab. Select your desired options and click the Save Changes button.

Update June 27th.
I updated the zip file on Gumroad and Sellfy with minor bug fixes. The latest zip file is labeled UNZIP THIS FILE - Music Maker


  • Fixed a PHP error on the single beat page.
  • Added the auto play beat store playlist option to the beat sort template if selected in the theme options.
  • Removed a function that made full width page images 570 pixels.
  • Added code to hide the beat thumbnail in the modal overlay window if you select to not show thumbnails.

New Theme Updates!

New: Add Beats From Homepage

A new option has been added that lets you add beats with variable to the shopping cart directly from the beat store homepage. When the buy button is clicked on the beat store homepage, the pricing options appear in a overlay window.

Image Preview - Live Demo Site

modal window

Feature Details

  • This feature only works with the beat store playlist templates.
  • Beats with single prices open in a overlay window also.
  • If a beat has a image, it appears in the overlay window. If no image has been added, nothing appears.
  • Social icons now appear in the overlay window and not when a beat is rolled over. You can edit this option under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.
  • If a beat has been added to the shopping cart, if you close the overlay, and revisit the overlay, a checkout button appears.
  • To turn on this feature, go to the Theme Options panel, Beat Store tab,  select Add from Homepage next to Add to Cart Page.
  • If you do not want to use this feature, select "Send to Single Beat Page" next to Add to Cart Page.
  • A beat will need to be removed from the cart and the page refreshed before the variable prices appear again.
  • Do you have a lot of beats? If you have a lot of beats, the "add from homepage" option may not be best for you because the window overlay loads more code. Maybe use the beat sort template as your homepage to load less beats by default.

 A special thanks to Xavier J. for getting the modal window feature to work and sharing the code. Check out his website at

New: Select Cart Icon or Buy Button

A new option has been added in the Theme Options Panel to select the buy button for the beat store playlist template. You can select to have the cart icon or a buy button. You can edit this option under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.

Cart Icon Preview


Buy Button Preview


New: Cart Item # in the Beat Sorting Bar

In the beat sorting bar you can now select to show the number of items in the shopping cart. When clicked, it takes the user to the checkout page. You can edit this option under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.

Image Preview - View on Demo Site

Cart Number

New: Scroll to Top

A new scroll to top button has been added that appears on the bottom right of your website. When clicked it takes the user back to the top of your website.

Scroll to Top

CSS to hide the icon: #scrollUp { display: none !important;  }

This icon does NOT appear on mobile devices under 460 pixels of width.

New: Sort Beats by Price

A new option has been added to sort beats by price. This feature works the same way you would apply a genre, category, or tag to a beat.

You will first need to create a group of prices. This is a free form input, so you can do what works best for you.

Example 1: If all your beats only have two prices. Then you can make two options like $19.99 and $100 to sort by.

2 prices

Example 2: If you want to do a price range, you can do something like $20 - $30, $40 - $60.


Preview of the Dropdown Menu in the Beat Sorting Bar

price sort

How you label your beat sorting options is up to you.

Additional Notes

  • You will need to add this to your beats manually.
  • On the price sorting page, the title you give your beat store in the theme options is the title of the page.
  • You can edit this option to appear in the beat sorting bar under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.

New: Beat Sort Template

A new beat sorting template has been added named "Beat Sort Template. This template allows you to create new beat store pages for specific genres, or specific beat categories, or specific beat tags. View on Demo Site

These pages can be used for SEO purposes, like if you want to have a page dedicated to promoting Hip Hop beats for sale, you can add text above or below the beat store and it will have it's own unique url.

Examples of Uses:

  • Popular Beats: If you have a category or tag labeled "Popular" beats. You can create a new static page with this template and make popular beats your homepage.
  • Beats On Sale: If you have a category or tag labeled "On Sale". You can create a new static page with this template and promote this page on social sites.
  • Music Producer: If you have a category or tag labeled as a Music Producer's name. You can create a page to only show those beats.
  • Free Beats: If you have a category or tag labeled "Free Beats" beats. You can create a new page for this.

Template Features

  • You can sort by genres, or beat tags, or beat categories. ( One input at a time )
  • You can add text above or below the beat store. Shortcodes do NOT work below the beat store.
  • Select to include the sidebar or have a full width page.
  • Hide the beat sorting bar. ( Optional )

Page Limitations

  • You can only use one sorting input at a time. You can NOT mix genres, beat categories, and beat tags, this will break the audio player.
  • You can enter in multiple words for one input. Example Genre Sorting: hip hop, pop, club
  • Incorrect spelling of genres, categories, or tags will break the player.
  • Only enter in existing genres, beat categories, and beat tags.
  • The sidebar for this template is the "Beat Store Sidebar".

To read how to use the page check out: How to Use the Beat Sort Template

Important note: To use this template you MUST select the "Beat Sort Template" and save the page to be able to see the Beat Sort Template options in WordPress.

Updated: Social Share Buttons

The social icons have been updated that appear on the single beat page, blog posts, and static pages.

share buttons

Updated: Header Social Icons

The social icons in the header have been updated to not appear in circles by default. They are less distracting and the color circles appear when rolled over.

social icons

Updated: Beat Sorting Bar Count Styling

The count numbers for genre, beat categories, and beat tags has been updated to appear in a circle and float to the right to look cleaner.


Other Updates

  • Updated thumbnail in beat store playlist template to 50 x 50 pixels. It was 40 x 40 pixels.
  • The beat store playlist social share links now open a pop up window instead of a new window in the browser.
  • The share button for email now includes the page or beat title in the subject of the email.
  • Removed grey background from single beat page. View Page
  • Added the option to automatically play the beat store playlist on the beat genre, category and tag pages if you turn auto start on in the theme options panel.
  • Updated the beat store search results page title, with the title you gave your beat store in the theme options.
  • Removed the beat store playlist accent color from the beat names to look cleaner.
  • Updated the overlay styling for the photo and video gallery. View Page
  • Added a option to hide the "Sort by" text in the beat sorting bar in the theme options panel.
  • Added CSS to hide the play button that appears over the video thumbnails. The play button appears when rolled over.
  • Rearranged items under the Beat Store tab under Theme Options.
  • Removed the "Hide BPM" column option under the Theme Options for the beat store table template.
    You can hide the bpm column for the beat store table template by using this CSS .beat-table-bpm { display: none; }
  • Updated the text in the beat sorting bar to Genre, Category, and Tag. Previously they were Genres, Categories, and Tags
  • Updated the help links in the Help tab in WordPress.
  • Added CSS to hide the text that says "Download File" from widgets if a MP3 has not been properly added.
  • Tightened up the code for the beat store widgets.
  • Removed the border around beat store playlist light theme that added too much padding.
  •  Removed the grow animation from the photo gallery, video gallery, and product images.
  • Added a arrow icon to single beat page back to home button.
  • Fixed the spacing of the volume button on the audio player.
  • Moved the audio player up on the single beat page and moved "Type" text to the bottom.
  • Added code to only show the "Buying Options" text on the single beat page if beats have variable pricing.
  • Made the submit a comment button smaller.
  • Added space to the audio player play button.
  • Update the checkout cart page CSS. Now has a delete icon instead of text.
  • Cleaned up the PHP include files on all pages.
  • Added error message to beat store playlist when no mp3 file has been added.
  • Updated the 404 page search input.
  • Fixed bug with admin menu being animated when rolled over.
  • Updated the text domain to musicmaker in the attempt to start supporting multiple languages. Work in progress.
  • Updated the styling for the dropdown sorting menu on the product store, photo gallery, and video gallery pages. See it Here
  • Added the option if your beat genre, beat category, or beat tag have a description, it appears above the beat store on the beat sorting pages.
  • Cleaned up code for the homepage banner loop and beat sorting functions.
  • In WordPress on the all beats page, "Single Beat Page Views" has been changed to "Page Views"

Help: How to Download the Theme From Gumroad or Sellfy

Tutorial: How to Update the Music Maker theme

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  1. Ed

    I attempted to upload the Music Maker File and received the following error message:

    Installing Theme from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Fagner Fernandes


    First sorry for my bad English.

    I noticed a little problem on the theme “Music Maker version: 2.15”.
    When I used PHP 5.6 displays the following error:
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in wp-content / themes / MusicMaker / single-download.php on line 88”.

    When checking the problem found that in a piece of code to the PHP open tag was not within the standard PHP 5.6, but in earlier works perfectly.

    What I did was change the PHP tag that was like this:

    to thereby:


    Where did this change and it worked perfectly:
    wp-content \ themes \ MusicMaker \ single-download.php
    line 30
    </ b >

    </ b >

    I hope it will be useful.

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