How to Troubleshoot Problems 🌟

You can see by our demo website the Music Maker theme works.

If you are having a problem we have suggestions below. Try each suggestion one by one and check out the issue.

1. WordPress Plugins

Turn off all plugins off except Easy Digital Downloads. Refresh your site and check the issue.

If this fixes the problems, start activating the plugins to see which plugin is causing the problem and remove the plugin.

2. Missed Something in the Tutorials 

Double check the tutorial to make sure you followed all the steps.

3. Cache Plugins Issues

Clear the plugin cache and deactivate all plugins except Easy Digital Downloads.

4. Update WordPress & All Plugins

Make sure WordPress and all your plugins are up to date.

5. Conflicting CSS or JavaScript

If you have added  custom CSS and JavaScript code, back the code up, and remove it from the site to see if that fixes the issue.

Is the Problem Fixed?

If none of the tips above help, please take a look at the common issue list below. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, maybe a simple Google Search will help with the issue.

Other Common Issues


Server Issues

Beat Store Issues

Product Store Pages


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Last updated on February 17th, 2017.

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2. If something is not working, please read trouble shooting problems.
3. If those do not help, provide a website link to help speed up the process.