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Checkout Page or Shopping Cart Appears Empty

This usually happens because of cache plugins, try clearing cache plugins, and deactivating the cache plugin.

Also make sure your checkout page have the required Easy Digital Downloads shortcode.

There are 4 pages you need when using the Easy Digital Download plugin. If for some reason you accidentally delete one of these pages, below you will find the page title and the short code that is needed on that static page.

Shortcode & Settings

Static Pages

When adding these pages make sure you select the Full Width template under Page Attributes ( Full Width Template ) , and uncheck Allow Comments in the discussion box ( Hide Comments ) .



Transaction Failed

Your transaction failed, please try again or contact site support.

Purchase Confirmation

Thank you for your purchase! [edd_receipt]

Purchase History


Beat Store Settings

Make sure you select the pages you created under the Beat Store Settings tab.


Updated on November 16, 2017

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