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Upload Large Files to Your Server Through FTP

Some users have problems uploading large files to their server through WordPress, so the best suggestion I can give is to upload large files to your server using FTP software.  FTP software allows you to browse files on your server and upload multiple files easily.

Install FTP Software

I use a free software for Firefox called FireFTP. It is a Fire Fox add on, so you will have to use the Fire Fox browser to use the add on.  Get FireFTP here.

Here is a free FTP software for Google Chrome. You can use any FTP software of your choice.

Connect to Your Server

Once you have installed the FTP software, open the add on to enter your server personal information.

1. Click the FireFTP app link.


2. Select the Create an Account in the drop down menu.

create - ftp

3. A pop up window will appear. Enter your FTP login information. You should have received this information when signing up with your website host. Click OK.

ftp info

4. Click the Connect link.


5. Once the FTP software is connected to your server, in the window on the right, browse your server for where WordPress is installed. Once you locate the folder, double click the wp-content folder.


6. Double click the uploads folder.


7. In the window on the right, right click the open space and click the Create Directory option.


8. Enter the name for the folder.  Name it something simple, unique, and no spaces. In the example I created I called the folder my-beats.


This will be the folder you upload your large zipped up audio files too.

9. Double click into the folder you just created.  This folder will be empty.


Upload a Beat to your Server

Put the beat you want to upload to your server in a ZIP file. In the window on the left, browse to the location of your beat. Double click the file you want to upload and the file will upload to your server. 


Locate the Zip File on Your Server

Next you want to get the direct file location to the file you just uploaded to your server so you can add the file location to the file download section in WordPress when adding a beat.

If you added the folder to the WordPress uploads folder, the location of the file will look something like this.


Update the orange text with your information.  This is how my file location looks:

Test out the file location by entering it into your browser window and hitting enter.  If you have the correct file location, your browser should begin to download the file.


Add Beat to Download Files Location

When you are adding a beat in WordPress, copy and paste the ZIP file location in the File URL input and enter the File Name for your file on the left.


Your large file download should now be connected.

Do a test purchase to make sure your download works properly.

Extra Security Measure

Download this index.html ZIP file.

Unzip this attached ZIP file and upload the index.html file to the folder your created on your server to upload beats. Adding the index.html to your server will prevent the folder from being viewable from the computer browsers.

Double click the index.html file to upload it to your server.


Security note: When a beat is purchased, a dynamic URL is created to download the beat, so the file location you created will not be viewable to the user.

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Updated on September 3, 2017

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