The events page allows you to easily add upcoming events to your website.

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Events Have to Be Manually Removed

Events have to be manually be removed once a event date has passed.

How to Create the Events Page

  1. Go to Pages > Add New
  2. Enter a page title.
    • Examples: Upcoming Events, Shows, Tour, Tour Dates
    • DO NOT name it Event, this will create page problems.
  3. Optional:
    • Enter text into the text area to appear above the events.
    • Comments are not allowed on this page.
    • Meta description. What is a meta description?
  4. Under Page Attributes select Events
  5. Click Publish or Update

Add Events Page to Navigation Menu

  1. Go to Menus
  2. Click Pages
  3. In the Pages box select the page you created.
  4. Click Add to Menu
  5. Drag the page name into the order you prefer.
  6. Click Save Menu

How to Add Events

  1. Click Add New Event under Events on the sidebar.
  2. Enter the event name into the title field.
  3. Enter a event description in the content area box.
  4. In the Event Details box
    1. Select the month and date for your event.
    2. Optional: Enter a web address of where tickets for the event can be purchased online. Include http://www at the start of the web address.
    3. Optional: If you added a online purchasing link into the Event Ticket Link input, enter the text you would like to appear in the purchasing button in the Event Ticket Button input field.
  5. Click Publish.

Additional Event Notes

  • Events have to be manually be removed once a event date has passed.
  • Events on the events page will display in the order that they were added to the website and not by the event date. So you may have to move around the published dates of your events to have it appear in the correct order.
  • Up to 8 events will display on one page. After 8 events you will see a next / back button.
  • Adding this page to your website is optional.
Updated on September 7, 2017

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