How to Reorder Beats

The beats in your beat store appear with the most recently added beats appearing on top of the beat store, and older beats appearing at the bottom.

So to change the order of your beats you must change the beat published date.


1. Go to All Beats on the sidebar under Beat Store in WordPress.


2. The order you see the beats in on this page is the same order they appear in the beat store table. So I would start by moving beats down in the table that you don’t want to appear on the top of the beat store table. You will see the beat publish date on the far right of the All Beats page.


Roll over the beat you would like to change the date of and click the Quick Edit link.


3. You can see in the image below the date of the beat is September 10th. If your most recent batch of beat uploads were around that time, I would simply change the 09-Sep to 08-Aug. So it would move this beat 1 month back and move it to the bottom of the page. Once you change the date, click the Update button.


Change the dates of a couple more beats, then refresh the All Beats page and the beats will be updated to the new order.

Updated on November 2, 2017

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