How to Add Widgets

Widgets are the boxes of content that appear on the sidebar of your website.

To add widgets click on “Widgets” under “Appearance” on the sidebar in WordPress. Click and drag a Available Widget to the sidebar of your choice. Edit the widget info and click the Save button.

Sidebar Options:

For theme 2.18 and above:

  1. Beat Store Homepage - Appears on beat store homepage and beat sort pages.
  2. Single Beat Page - Appears on single beat page.
  3. Blog Homepage - Appears on the blog homepage.
  4. Blog Single - Appears on single blog post pages.
  5. Static Pages - Appears on static pages.
  6. Three Footer Widgets - Appears in the footer of your website. How to display footer widgets.

For theme 2.17 and below:

  1. General Sidebar - This sidebar appears on the blog and static pages.
  2. Beat store & Genre Page Sidebar - This sidebar appears on the beat store homepage and the beat sorting pages.
  3. Single Beats Sidebar - This sidebar only appears on the single beats page.
  4. Three Footer Widgets - Appears in the footer of your website. How to display footer widgets.

Available Widgets

New Beats Widget

Newest Beats

Random Beats Widget

ranom beats

Beat Sorting Widget - Allows you to sort beats by Genres, Categories, and Tags.  Called "Beats: Genres, Categories, Tags" on the widgets page.

Sort Beats Widget

Beat Sorting ( Dropdown )

sorting widget

Beat Buying Steps Widget - Called "Beats: Buying Steps" on the widgets page.

Beat Buying steps

Beat Shopping Cart Widget - This widget is called Downloads Cart on the widgets page.

Beat cart

Social Profile Links

social widget

About Widget

about widget

 Photo Gallery Widget

photo gallery

 Image Banner Widget

Image Banner

Youtube Widget


Vimeo Widget

Vimeo Widget

Text Banner

texr banner

Testimonial Widget

Testimonial Widget

Text Widget - This widget allows you to insert any text or HTML code you like. Example: Checkout How to Add a Twitter Widget

text widget

Recent Blog Post Widget

Revent Blog Post

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget

Feedburner Widget

Feedburner widget

Blog Tags Widget

Blog Tags

Blog Categories Widget

Blog Categories

Events Widget


Widget Bug If you updated to WordPress 4.4 and are having a issue with your sidebar. Update to the Music Maker 2.11 theme update which was emailed out on .

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Last updated on May 8th, 2017

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