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2.21 & Below

Here is a list of Music Maker theme changes.

Tutorial: How to Update the Music Maker Theme

Version 2.21

  • Fixed – Fixed homepage banner not appearing if the blog is your homepage.
  • Fixed  – Fixed CSS issue with the footer turning black on mobile devices.
  • Updated Fixed broken links in the WordPress admin pages.

Version 2.20

2.20 Required Action Steps

The Below Beat Store text area in the Theme Options has removed. Follow the How to Update from 2.18 or 2.19 to Current Version on the how to update page.


New Ajax Live Beat Sorting

  • The beat store playlist now sorts beats live without having to refresh the page. Live Demo

NewLicense Key System

  • There is a new license key # for all theme purchases.
  • You will get the license key # in the email you receive.
  • The license key is how you will receive future theme update notifications, new features, bug fixes, and instant theme updates.
  • You are limited to 1 website per license key.
  • How to Activate Your License

Fixed – Fixed bugs on WordPress admin pages

Updated Reorder Beat Pricing Drop down

UpdatedMobile Improvements

  • Fixed bug with beat sort drop-down menu on mobile devices.
  • Updated beat sort menu links to be clickable on mobile devices.

Updated – WordPress Customizer Changes

  • A few panel names have been renamed and moved around.

NewPlugin Suggestion Notification

New – Added a notification when a cache plugin is installed to notify of potential problems.

Updated – Widget Name Changes

  • Beat Sorting widgets names updated.

Removed – Removed Quick Press from WordPress Dashboard

Updated – Theme Options panel removed. All the theme options are now in the WordPress Customizer.

Music Maker Changes

Version 2.19

  • New Search Input Added to Beat Sort Bar
    • A search input now appears in the beat sort bar by default.
  • Updated – Beat Sorting Drop Down Menu updated to stack the different sorting options.
  • Updated Customizer Text Changes
  • Updated – Beat Store Playlist Code Updated
  • Fixed Cart Remove Button Fixed
    • Fixed the “X” delete button on checkout page. The X has been removed and is now text.
  • Fixed Beat Store Playlist Colors
    • Fixed two issues with the Beat Store Playlist custom playlist color options.

Version 2.18

Changes that Require Action:

2.18 Required Action Steps

The options panel has been replaced with the WordPress Customizer. So you need to back up all the theme option settings before updating. Follow the Version 2.17 & Below Tutorial.

Beat Store Full Width Templates Removed

You will now select to include the sidebar or have a full width beat store in the WordPress Customizer.

WordPress Customizer ( New )

The Theme Options panel has been replaced with this WordPress Customizer.

Custom Colors ( New )

With the WordPress Customizer you can now customize the colors of the Header, Content Area, Footer, and Beat Store Playlist window.

Fonts ( New )

In the Customizer Fonts panel you can now enter Google fonts for your website Titles, Body Text, and Navigation Menu.

Beat Store Playlist Colors

You can now customize the colors in the beat store playlist window.

Overlay Window Updated

The styling of the beat store overlay has been updated.

  • The title has been moved down.
  • Animated bars have been added behind the image thumbnail.
  • You can select a solid color or add a background image behind the thumbnail.

Custom Text Options

You can now add custom text for the following in the beat store playlist:

  • Buy Button Text
  • Free Download Text
  • Beats with 0.00 Price – A new custom text option has been added to add custom text to replace the $0.00 in the beat store playlist window.
  • Beat Sort Bar Text
  • Cart Button Text

No Price Link

People use the no price option for “Make an Offer” or “Contact For Pricing”. You can now add a link to a contact or special form.

Additional Beat Store Updates
  • Show or Hide Info – You can select to show or hide Genre, BPM, or Produced By text.
  • Beat Sort Pages – In the Customizer you can now select to make these pages full width.
  • Beats Admin Page – Added color highlights to the different status options.
  • Add Beats Page – Updated form input styling.
  • Single Beat Page – Simplified the single beat page to make the colors more adjustable.
  • Under Beat Store Text – Added the under beat store text option to the beat sort pages.
  • Beat Store Overlay – Added default image if no thumbnail has been added.
  • Single Beat Page Full Width – You can now select to make the single beat page full width.
  • Thumbnails: The playlist thumbnail image size has been increased, and the padding around the image has been decreased.
  • Thumbnails: Images are now automatically cropped into a square when uploaded.
  • Active Beat: The active beat playing in the Beat Store playlist gets bigger when playing.

New Sidebars

Two new sidebars have been added:

  1. Blog Single – Use for single blog pages.
  2. Static Pages – Appears on all static pages with sidebars.

Loading Animation ( New )

In the WordPress Customizer, you can turn on the loading animation to show a loading animation whenever a user clicks a link.

The loading animation works in Firefox, Chrome, and IE Edge. It doesn’t appear in Safari.

Header Background Image ( New )

You can now add a background image to your website header.

Additional New Features

  • Dashboard: Beat Store Sales graph added to the admin dashboard.
  • Sorting: Added an “All” option in the drop down menu when sorting products, photos, or videos to send the user back to the homepage of that section. Note: You must select the correct pages in the WordPress Customizer for the “All” option to appear on the sorted pages.
  • Sorting Menu – Added the sorting drop down menu to single products and single photos so users can go back to the photos or product homepages pages.
  • Apple Icon added to header social profiles.
  • Product Store Homepage – You can now add a banner to appear on your product store homepage in the WordPress Customizer.

Additional Updates

  • Added image thumbnails to the New Blog Post widget.
  • Removed WordPress logo from the login page.
  • Footer – The footer styling has been updated to work with the new custom color options.
  • Sidebar: Beat Store Sidebar renamed Beat Store Homepage.
  • Sidebar: Single Beat Page Sidebar renamed Single Beat Page.
  • Sidebar: General Sidebar renamed Blog Homepage”.
  • Updated button text from “Older Posts” to Previous and “Newer Posts” to Next.
  • Help Links – Added new Music Maker Help Link
  • Updated the styling of the events widget to make more flexible with new color changing options.
  • Added the default WordPress title page support.
  • Centered text under photos, products, and video images
  • Events single page now full width.
  • The new default sidebar for the single photo page is the new Static Page sidebar.
  • Updated buttons code.
  • PHP files have been renamed and reorganized.
  • Updated beat sort template sidebar code.
  • Removed color settings from the checkout pages to make the pages colors more adjustable.
  • Widgets Page – Added icons to beat store and blog sidebars.
  • Widgets Page – Widget descriptions are now hidden until you roll over them.
  • Updated footer widget to Footer ( Left ), Footer ( Center ), Footer ( Right )
  • Updated depreciated code in widgets.
  • White background removed from video and photo overlay window
  • The mobile menu HTML character has been updated.

Removed Options

  • Beat Store ( Playlist / Full Width ) Template
  • Beat Store ( Paginated / Full Width ) Template
  • Sticky Footer – The footer has been updated to work with the new color options.
  • FeedBurner Widget – Google no longer supports Feedburner, so the widget has been removed.
  • SEO Title option removed. The theme is now using the default WordPress title feature.
  • Theme Options link removed from the top Admin Menu.
  • Photo Gallery New Window Option removed.

Troubleshooting After Updating

  • You should follow this tutorial completely to avoid confusion.
  • All previous Theme Options ( Accept the under beat store text ) have been moved to the WordPress Customizer.
  • Get familiar with the long list of new features and tabs.
  • Conflicting CSS – If you have CSS code that does something that the new WordPress Customizer does, you should remove the CSS code to avoid conflicts.
  • If you are having another issue that isn’t Customizer related, check out how to Trouble Shoot.
  • If you are using a cache plugin, clear the cache, and deactivate the plugin.

If you have a problem, leave a comment below instead of sending an email. Thank you.

Version 2.17

All the updates have to do with the product store.

Theme Updates

New Product Option

You can now select “Clothing” as a product option. When you do this, inputs are available to add pricing for the different clothing sizes. Only fill in the inputs you want to display prices for.

Back-end View


Site Preview


Two Shipping Amounts

You can now have two shipping amounts for standard shipping and international shipping which appears in a drop down menu. If you only have one price, it will still show in a drop down menu.

Back-end View


Site Preview


Crossed Out Price

A new input has been added to show a crossed out price to indicate a product is now cheaper.

Back-end View


Site Preview


Other Updates

  • The social icons have been moved to the right of the single product page.
  • Help tooltips have been added to the “Add Product” page.
  • Some of the input names and text have been updated.

Common question on shipping address:
A customer submits their address through PayPal when making a payment.

Test Your Product Store

Once you update, please make sure you test out your product store to make sure everything works fine.

Version 2.16

June 9, 2017

Before You Update:

Theme Updates

  1. FAQ Feature Removed – This feature appears to be not used by many, so it has been removed. Tutorial: How to create a FAQ page manually.
  2. Updated JQuery – The theme previously loaded a version of JQuery that wouldn’t work with some WordPress plugins. This update should help the Music Maker theme work better with other plugins. There are no guarantees though. Please make sure you test out your site to make sure everyone works like it did before the update.
  3. Default Audio Player Volume – The volume previously started at 50%, it now starts at 80%.
  4. Twitter Share Button – The Twitter button code has been updated to fix a bug.
  5. Removed SEO Keywords Input – SEO keywords are outdated and no longer supported by search engines, so the input has been removed.
  6. Updated WordPress Help Instructions – Each custom post type in WordPress had instructions on how to add content, the content now links to the help site to get the most up to date information.
  7. Free Beat Download Input – This input has now been moved into the Beat Details box when adding a beat.
  8. Homepage Banner Updates:
    – When adding a homepage banner you can check a box to open the homepage banner in a new window. This works well with external links.
    – Featured Image box changed to Homepage Banner Image.
    – In WordPress on the all banners page, the banner preview is bigger.
  9. The “Featured Image” box has been renamed in WordPress for some of the custom post types.
  10. Sidebar links in WordPress have been updated:
    – Photo Gallery has been updated to Photos.
    – Video Gallery has been updated to Videos.
    – Product Store has been updated to Products.
    – Home Banners has been updated to Banners.

Version 2.15

June 22, 2016


  • Fixed a PHP error on the single beat page.
  • Added the auto play beat store playlist option to the beat sort template if selected in the theme options.
  • Removed a function that made full width page images 570 pixels.
  • Added code to hide the beat thumbnail in the modal overlay window if you select to not show thumbnails.

New Theme Updates!

New: Add Beats From Homepage

A new option has been added that lets you add beats with variable to the shopping cart directly from the beat store homepage. When the buy button is clicked on the beat store homepage, the pricing options appear in a overlay window.

Image Preview – Live Demo Site

modal window

Feature Details

  • This feature only works with the beat store playlist templates.
  • Beats with single prices open in a overlay window also.
  • If a beat has a image, it appears in the overlay window. If no image has been added, nothing appears.
  • Social icons now appear in the overlay window and not when a beat is rolled over. You can edit this option under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.
  • If a beat has been added to the shopping cart, if you close the overlay, and revisit the overlay, a checkout button appears.
  • To turn on this feature, go to the Theme Options panel, Beat Store tab, select Add from Homepage next to Add to Cart Page.
  • If you do not want to use this feature, select “Send to Single Beat Page” next to Add to Cart Page.
  • A beat will need to be removed from the cart and the page refreshed before the variable prices appear again.
  • Do you have a lot of beats? If you have a lot of beats, the “add from homepage” option may not be best for you because the window overlay loads more code. Maybe use the beat sort template as your homepage to load less beats by default.

A special thanks to Xavier J. for getting the modal window feature to work and sharing the code. Check out his website at http://www.myriddim.com

New: Select Cart Icon or Buy Button

A new option has been added in the Theme Options Panel to select the buy button for the beat store playlist template. You can select to have the cart icon or a buy button. You can edit this option under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.

Cart Icon Preview


Buy Button Preview


New: Cart Item # in the Beat Sorting Bar

In the beat sorting bar you can now select to show the number of items in the shopping cart. When clicked, it takes the user to the checkout page. You can edit this option under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.

Image PreviewView on Demo Site

Cart Number

New: Scroll to Top

A new scroll to top button has been added that appears on the bottom right of your website. When clicked it takes the user back to the top of your website.

Scroll to Top

CSS to hide the icon: #scrollUp { display: none !important; }

This icon does NOT appear on mobile devices under 460 pixels of width.

New: Sort Beats by Price

A new option has been added to sort beats by price. This feature works the same way you would apply a genre, category, or tag to a beat.

You will first need to create a group of prices. This is a free form input, so you can do what works best for you.

Example 1: If all your beats only have two prices. Then you can make two options like $19.99 and $100 to sort by.

2 prices

Example 2: If you want to do a price range, you can do something like $20 – $30, $40 – $60.


Preview of the Dropdown Menu in the Beat Sorting Bar

price sort

How you label your beat sorting options is up to you.

Additional Notes

  • You will need to add this to your beats manually.
  • On the price sorting page, the title you give your beat store in the theme options is the title of the page.
  • You can edit this option to appear in the beat sorting bar under the Theme Options, Beat Store tab.

New: Beat Sort Template

A new beat sorting template has been added named “Beat Sort Template. This template allows you to create new beat store pages for specific genres, or specific beat categories, or specific beat tags. View on Demo Site

These pages can be used for SEO purposes, like if you want to have a page dedicated to promoting Hip Hop beats for sale, you can add text above or below the beat store and it will have it’s own unique url.

Examples of Uses:

  • Popular Beats: If you have a category or tag labeled “Popular” beats. You can create a new static page with this template and make popular beats your homepage.
  • Beats On Sale: If you have a category or tag labeled “On Sale”. You can create a new static page with this template and promote this page on social sites.
  • Music Producer: If you have a category or tag labeled as a Music Producer’s name. You can create a page to only show those beats.
  • Free Beats: If you have a category or tag labeled “Free Beats” beats. You can create a new page for this.

Template Features

  • You can sort by genres, or beat tags, or beat categories. ( One input at a time )
  • You can add text above or below the beat store. Shortcodes do NOT work below the beat store.
  • Select to include the sidebar or have a full width page.
  • Hide the beat sorting bar. ( Optional )

Page Limitations

  • You can only use one sorting input at a time. You can NOT mix genres, beat categories, and beat tags, this will break the audio player.
  • You can enter in multiple words for one input. Example Genre Sorting: hip hop, pop, club
  • Incorrect spelling of genres, categories, or tags will break the player.
  • Only enter in existing genres, beat categories, and beat tags.
  • The sidebar for this template is the “Beat Store Sidebar”.

To read how to use the page check out: How to Use the Beat Sort Template

Important note: To use this template you MUST select the “Beat Sort Template” and save the page to be able to see the Beat Sort Template options in WordPress.

Updated: Social Share Buttons

The social icons have been updated that appear on the single beat page, blog posts, and static pages.

share buttons

Updated: Header Social Icons

The social icons in the header have been updated to not appear in circles by default. They are less distracting and the color circles appear when rolled over.

social icons

Updated: Beat Sorting Bar Count Styling

The count numbers for genre, beat categories, and beat tags has been updated to appear in a circle and float to the right to look cleaner.


Other Updates

  • Updated thumbnail in beat store playlist template to 50 x 50 pixels. It was 40 x 40 pixels.
  • The beat store playlist social share links now open a pop up window instead of a new window in the browser.
  • The share button for email now includes the page or beat title in the subject of the email.
  • Removed grey background from single beat page. View Page
  • Added the option to automatically play the beat store playlist on the beat genre, category and tag pages if you turn auto start on in the theme options panel.
  • Updated the beat store search results page title, with the title you gave your beat store in the theme options.
  • Removed the beat store playlist accent color from the beat names to look cleaner.
  • Updated the overlay styling for the photo and video gallery. View Page
  • Added a option to hide the “Sort by” text in the beat sorting bar in the theme options panel.
  • Added CSS to hide the play button that appears over the video thumbnails. The play button appears when rolled over.
  • Rearranged items under the Beat Store tab under Theme Options.
  • Removed the “Hide BPM” column option under the Theme Options for the beat store table template.
    You can hide the bpm column for the beat store table template by using this CSS .beat-table-bpm { display: none; }
  • Updated the text in the beat sorting bar to Genre, Category, and Tag. Previously they were Genres, Categories, and Tags
  • Updated the help links in the Help tab in WordPress.
  • Added CSS to hide the text that says “Download File” from widgets if a MP3 has not been properly added.
  • Tightened up the code for the beat store widgets.
  • Removed the border around beat store playlist light theme that added too much padding.
  • Removed the grow animation from the photo gallery, video gallery, and product images.
  • Added a arrow icon to single beat page back to home button.
  • Fixed the spacing of the volume button on the audio player.
  • Moved the audio player up on the single beat page and moved “Type” text to the bottom.
  • Added code to only show the “Buying Options” text on the single beat page if beats have variable pricing.
  • Made the submit a comment button smaller.
  • Added space to the audio player play button.
  • Update the checkout cart page CSS. Now has a delete icon instead of text.
  • Cleaned up the PHP include files on all pages.
  • Added error message to beat store playlist when no mp3 file has been added.
  • Updated the 404 page search input.
  • Fixed bug with admin menu being animated when rolled over.
  • Updated the text domain to musicmaker in the attempt to start supporting multiple languages. Work in progress.
  • Updated the styling for the dropdown sorting menu on the product store, photo gallery, and video gallery pages. See it Here
  • Added the option if your beat genre, beat category, or beat tag have a description, it appears above the beat store on the beat sorting pages.
  • Cleaned up code for the homepage banner loop and beat sorting functions.
  • In WordPress on the all beats page, “Single Beat Page Views” has been changed to “Page Views”

Version 2.14

New Feature

Product Store Widget – Display your most recent products in your store in a widget.

products widget

Additional Updates

  • Added a error message if a audio preview file has not been added properly.
  • Updated text in theme optional panel.
  • Updated text in the drop down menu that says “Sort Categories” to just “Sort.
  • Update CSS for the button sizes on product pages.

Version 2.13

Important: Once you update, make sure you test out your website. Almost ever file in the music maker theme has been touched and cleaned up in some way.

The classes and divs on the single beat page has been updated and renamed, so you may have to update any custom CSS you have for that page. Video Tutorial: How to Find and Change CSS Elements.

If one of the features that are built into the Music Maker theme does not work, simply go into your media library where the last version of the Music Maker theme was saved, download it, and upload it like you did the new theme.

Theme Updates

Social Icons Added to Beat Store Playlist

The new social icons now appear when a beat is rolled over. This option can be turned off or on in the theme options panel under the beat store tab. View Live Example


To add Facebook link support when sharing a link, check out this post.

If you have old data that shows up on Facebook when you share a link, visit the Facebook Object Debugger and click the scrap new fetch information button.

To hide the individual social icons, use the CSS code below ( Optional ). How to Add CSS.

/* Hide Social Icons */
.share-facebook { display: none; }
.share-twitter { display: none; }
.share-google { display: none; }
.share-email { display: none; }

Shortcode Support Added Under the Beat Store

You can now use WordPress shortcodes in the area below the beat store. This input appears in the theme options panel under the beat store tab.

Single Beat Page Updates

  • Breadcrumb style removed. Replaced with a Home link and icon.
  • Beat title now at the top of the page.
  • Shadows and lines have been removed.
  • Fonts are bigger.
  • The beat image now shows on mobile devices.
  • Responsive code updated.
  • “Produced by” changed too “Producer”.


single beat page


New Layout

Hide Beat Shopping Cart if Empty

If you would like to hide the beat shopping cart widget on the sidebar if it is empty, add the CSS below. How to Add CSS.

/* Hide Shopping Cart Widget If Empty */
.edd-cart-empty { display: none;}

Removed Features

Removed Old Beat Store Templates

The templates named Beat Store ( Full Width ) ( Old ) and Beat Store ( Includes Sorting & Search ) have been removed.

These templates had the search icon in the top right.

Search table full width

These templates were the least popular templates. By removing them I was able to remove unnecessary JS scripts and clean up some of the theme code.

If you used either of the templates mentioned above, you will need to update your beat store static page to either select the Beat Store ( Playlist ) template or the Beat Store ( Paginated ) template option. Check out this post on the 4 available beat store template options.

Removed Content Shadows

The shadows around main white content boxes have been removed because it looks out dated. You can add it back with the CSS below.

/* Add Shadow */
#main, .widget { box-shadow: 0px 0px 3px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.10); -moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 3px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.10); -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 3px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.10); } 

Minor Updates

  • Removed the checkbox in the theme options panel turn off the responsive style sheet. The responsive.css style sheet has been merged into the main style.css file.
  • Added a Beat Store ( Paginated / Full Width ) template.
  • Fixed a bug on the product store homepage with the content above the product store not displaying.
  • Updated the underline style for the page title and widget titles. It is now a single cleaner line. It previously was a double line.
  • Increased the height of the featured blog post images. Images were previously restricted to 250px in height. The image can now be up to 700px in height and stretches 100% of the width. You will see the update when you add new images. This will not effect previous images.
  • Increased the default height of the beat store playlist to 800px. Previously it was 650px. To change the height use .mejs-playlist { height: 800px !important; }
  • Updated the beat store shopping cart widget to look cleaner. Removed the quantity next to the beat name.
  • Footer Javascript put into 1 JS file to clean the footer code. Please test your website after updating.
  • Removed the place holder image on single product page. It looked buggy on servers that loaded slow.
  • Added default text to the beat store status text: Sold and Free Download options.
  • Updated the single beat page to not display the beat price if there is a single price for the beat. The price appears in the button.
  • Add code to the single beat page to add the word “Free” to the free download button if no text has been added to the beat status text in the theme options panel.
  • Removed the text under the blog post title ( Authors name, publish date, category, and comments ) from the blog homepage. This information shows when the link is clicked. The blog homepage looks cleaner with the text not showing. View Live Example
  • Updated the Google map shortcode with to 100% to be responsive.
  • Add the word required to adding product images in WordPress.
  • Increased the body font from 14px to 15px.
  • Cleaned up a lot of the HTML and CSS code.
  • Updated the CSS for the “Clear” button that appears on the beat sorting pages to appear on the same line as the sorting buttons.

Version 2.12

Released March 6, 2016.

New Mobile Menu –A new more up to date mobile menu has been added to replace the old drop down navigation menu. The menu appears when the screen resolution is below 880 px. Test it out on the demo site. The menu has been tested in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, and iPad. Test the navigation once you update to make sure it works properly.


Clear Results Button – A “Clear” button has been added to the beat sorting pages. If a user sorts beats by genre, category, tag, or searches. This clear button will appear in the sorting bar. When the button is clicked it will take them back to your beat store homepage.


Required Action: In the WordPress Theme Options, under the Beat Store tab you need to Select Beat Store template to make sure the “Clear” button goes to the correct page.

select beat store

Homepage Banners on Beat Sorting Pages – A option has been added to display your homepage banners over the beat sorting pages to look more consistent for the user as they are going through your beats. By turning on this feature your banners will show on beat genre, tags, categories, and beat search results page.

Required Action: In WordPress in the theme options under the general tab select Show Banner next to Banner on Sorting Pages.

show banner

Help Tab in WordPress – A new Help link has been added to WordPress. This page has links to all the current articles on the help site to find answers faster. Find over 200 helpful articles.


Improved Beat Sorting on Mobile – I have improved the beat sorting bar on mobile devices. Clicking the buttons respond better and the buttons are now bigger on smaller screens.

beat sorting bar


  • Bug Fix: Fixed audio player bug on the single beat page.
  • New static page template: Beat Store Sidebar Only ( No Beat Store ) – This is for users that want to use the beat store sidebar, but not the beat store. You can use this template when using beat players from other sites.
  • Added the beat sorting bar above the beat search results.
  • Added code to help improve the beat store’s search results.
  • Improved the CSS for re-sizing your logo on mobile devices.
  • Updated the names of the beat store sidebars to Beat Store Sidebar and Single Beat Pages Sidebar.
  • Add alert message to install Easy Digital Downloads plugin if the plugin is not installed and activated.
  • Removed the WordPress Beginner links since the page no longer exist.
  • Updated the theme screen shot ( screenshot.png ).
  • Add the text “Required” to audio preview when adding a beat.
  • Fixed broken links to the help site.
  • Rearranged info under the Beat Store tab in the theme options page.
  • Added image place holders to the photo gallery, video gallery, and product store if images have not been added.
  • Add tutorial links to the add a beat page.
  • Removed the help tab in the theme options panel. Same links can be found in the dashboard help widget and help link on the sidebar.
  • Added the word “Optional“ to inputs when adding beats.
  • Updated CSS for beat shopping cart widget.
  • Updated 2.12 for css functions.php and style.css. The number change was missed in the previous update.
  • The search input has been completely removed from the header nav. It was previously hidden.

Version 2.11

Released December 14, 2015.

This update fixes a sidebar bug that occurred with the WordPress 4.4 release.

Updated files.

  • archive-download.php
  • Search-download.php
  • taxonomy-download_category.php
  • taxonomy-download_tag.php
  • taxonomy-genre.php
  • template-beat-store-paginated-sidebar.php
  • template-beat-store-search-and-pagination.php

Version 2.10

Released November 6, 2015.

New Grid Shortcodes – The new grid shortcodes allows you to put your content into columns when using the full width page template.

Available Columns: Full Width, Half – Two columns, One Third – Three columns, One Fourth – Four columns, One Fifth – Five columns, and Two Thirds.


The grid layout shortcodes can be used to create landing pages, discography pages, promotional pages, and much more.

Grid Example Code:
To create content with 3 columns, you would use the shortcodes like this:

[one-third]Column 1 [/one-third]
[one-third]Column 2 [/one-third]
[one-third]Column 3 [/one-third]

The group of columns first must start with [column-group] and end with

Visit the How to Use Grids Page for more information.

Note: The grid shortcodes will only work on full width template pages.

Other Updates

  • Removed emoji support code from header.
  • Security update.
  • Updated single beat page code.
  • Updated CSS for beat shopping cart widget.
  • Search input in header now hidden by default since there is some confusion on if the search works for the beat store. To add the search input back to the header use .header_site_search { display: block; } . How to add custom CSS.

Version 2.9

Released June 30, 2015.

Bug Fixes

  • Category Pagination Button Fix – There was a bug when you sort custom post types by category and then click the next and previous buttons. This bug has been fixed for the photo gallery, product store, video gallery, FAQs, and Events.

Required Action

1. The template file named Beat Store ( Scroll Window ) has been deleted ( template-beat-store-scroll.php ) . This was a duplicate file. It is the same Beat Store ( Playlist ) template, and it was there by accident. So it has been deleted. So if you have the Beat Store ( Scroll Window ) template selected you will need to update the template you selected for the beat store.

Action: If you had the Beat Store ( Scroll Window ) template selected as your beat store template, edit your beat store page and select the Beat Store ( Playlist ) template and update your page.


2. The template file named FAQ Page ( Includes Sidebar ) has been deleted ( template-faq.php ) . You can only now use the FAQ full width template. This template was deleted because I can only have 1 FAQ category sorting template when the category dropdown menu was used, and the full width template is the default template. So the full with FAQ template, now matches the FAQ category sorting template.

Action: If you had the FAQ Page ( Includes Sidebar ) template selected as your FAQ template, edit your FAQ page and select the FAQ Page ( Full Width ) template and update your page.


Miscellaneous Updates

  • Photo Gallery – Updated gallery count to 20 per page.
  • Photo Gallery – Fixed image link code.
  • Updated temp sidebar for beat store and beat store taxonomy pages
  • Options Panel – Updated 2014 to 2015. ( options.php )
  • Updated theme screenshot. ( screenshot.png )
  • Beat Store Playlist Template – Increased the default height for the playlist window from 580px to 650px. How to update the height to another height.
  • Removed the edd_templates folder from the music maker theme folder. This had some CSS that may have been outdated.
  • Removed mCustomScrollbar.min.js from the JS folder. File not in use.
  • Removed —jquery.prettyPhoto.js from the js folder. File not in use.
  • Removed respond.min.js from the js folder. File not in use.
  • Updated dashboard help widget.
  • Updated functions file.

Version 2.8

Released March 22, 2015.

New Beat Store Search Widget – This new widget will allow you to search your entire beat store. It searches the following inputs: Beat Name, Price, Producer Name, Beat Tags, Beat Categories, Beat Genre, BPM, and Beat Description.


The beat search widget searches all the inputs mentioned above at once. It can not be specific to just 1 of the inputs mentioned above.

  • Example 1: If you search for “Club” it will search all entries for “Club”. So results with “Club” in the name, genre, tag, or category will appear.
  • Example 2: If you search for “55”, it will search all entries for “55”. So results with “55” as the BPM or price will appear.

Other Minor Updates

  • Removed bounce from logo animation on hover. Some people didn’t like it.
  • Fixed SSL Bug: There was a line of code that prevented the Font Awesome font, Google Font, and Jquery script from loading when a domain name had a https:// URL.
  • Updated Beat Buying Steps Widget circle image. The previous image was a GIF which caused the circles to have white spots on non-white backgrounds.
  • Beat Store Playlist default volume now set at 50% volume.
  • About Widget – Updated widget to hide image tag if no image has been added.
  • Image banner Widget – Updated widget to hide image tag if no image has been added.
  • Updated Sorting Beat Dropdown widget CSS code to be included in the style.css instead of being inline CSS.
  • Added “Banner URL” column on the banner homepage in the WordPress back-end.

Version 2.7

Released November 5, 2014.

Beat Store Name Change: In the last update the new beat store template option was called Beat Store ( Scroll Window ), it is now called Beat Store (Playlist).

Please Read: Required Action After Updating:

  1. Reselect the Beat Store Template – The beat store file names have been updated and the default player is now the new Beat Store ( Playlist ) template. Current beat store template options.
    Action to take: Edit the static page you created for your beat store. Under templates select the beat store template you want to use and click the update button.
  2. Re-add Beat Sorting Widgets ( If you are using them. ) – The beat sorting widgets have been updated. Previously there was the genre sorting widget and the downloads tags / downloads categories widget for sorting beats which was kind of confusing. The downloads tags / downloads categories widget has been removed. One widget now covers these 3 sorting options.
    Action to take: Go to the Widgets page and add the “Beats: Genres, Categories, Tags” widget to the sidebar option of your choice. Name the widget ( Example: Sort by Genre ), and select the sorting option you would like to use. The sorting options are Genre, Category, and Tag. Click save and the widget will appear on your site.
  3. Update Social Profile Links Widget ( If you are using this widget ) – This widget has been updated with a new styling option that you will see below.
    Action to take: Go to the Widgets page and open the Social Profiles Links widget on your sidebar and select either “Big Icons” to use the new styling, or select “Small Icons with Text” to keep the previous styling. Then click save. If you do not update this widget, both the new and previous icon styling may appear in the widget on your website.

Theme Updates

Updated Beat Sorting Pages
The Beat Store ( Playlist ) template is now the default beat store template, so now when anyone clicks a link to sort beats by genre, category, or tag, the sorting results will appear in the Beat Store ( Playlist ) template.

New Beat Store Sorting Bar – View Demo ( Sorting Bar Above Beat Store )
The Beat Store ( Playlist ) template option now has to option to select if you would like to have a sorting bar above your beat store. This bar has dropdown menus for genres, categories, and tags so people can sort your music much faster.
Action to take: To use this feature you need to go to Theme Options, click the Beat Store tab, and select the “Show Sorting Bar” option in the dropdown. Below the dropdown you can select if your would like to show or hide the Genre, Categories, or Tags dropdown option in the beat sorting bar. Click save options.

sorting bar

Beat Store ( Playlist ) Auto Play Next Song
The Beat Store ( Playlist ) template will now play the next song when the previous beat is over.

New Widgets

Social Profiles Widget ( Updated Widget )
You can now select the option to link to your social profiles with these bigger social icons. View Live Demo

social widget

About Widget
This new widget allows you to easily add a photo, short description, and link the image to your about page to allow visitors to learn more about you.

about widget

Beat Sorting Dropdown Widget
Here is another beat sorting dropdown widget option. This widget can include 3 dropdown menus to sort by genre, category, or tag. The new widget is called “Beats: Sort Beats ( Dropdown )” on the widgets page. View it on the demo site.

sorting widget

Simple Animations
A few simple hover animations have been added to the theme to make it feel a little more interactive. Below are a list of places where you will see the simple hover animation. View the demo site.

  • Header social icons.
  • Header search input now fades to white on hover.
  • The Beat Store ( Playlist ) cart and download icon grow on hover.
  • The Beat Store ( Playlist ) thumbnail bounces on hover.
  • Thumbnails on the photo gallery, product store, video gallery all grow on hover.
  • About Widget image shakes on hover.
  • Social Profile Links widget icons bounce.
  • Photo Gallery widget thumbnails.
  • Testimonial Widget.

Website Text Readability Improvements

  • The body font has been increased from 12px to 14px.
  • Paragraph, line height, and header spacing have all been increased to add more space.
  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 are now bold.
  • Navigation menu font changed to Oswald. If you don’t want to use this font check out this post.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Easy Digital Downloads Update: The word “Downloads” has been updated to “Beats”. You will mainly see this on the adding beats page. Example: Beat Stats, Beat Prices, Beat Categories, Beat Settings, Beat Files, etc. Previously these all had the word download in front of it before.
  • Add Beats Screen – Removed the page views box.
  • Add Beats Screen – Added FAQ links to the help box.
  • Widgets: Removed Easy Digital Downloads download details widget.
  • Widgets: Removed dark styling from Music Maker custom widgets.
  • Widgets: Removed Easy Digital Downloads category / downloads tag widget.
  • Widgets: Removed default WordPress Archives and Pages widgets.
  • Widgets: Updated the names and descriptions of some of the widgets
  • Added hover.css file to functions file. ( http://ianlunn.github.io/Hover/ )
  • Admin Menu: Removed change that renamed Media to Media uploads. This caused a error which has now been fixed.
  • Header: Border line under or above the navigation is now lighter.
  • Header: Header social icons brought down a few pixels.
  • Updated Music Maker Theme Help dashboard widget.

Version 2.6.1

Released October 26, 2014.

  • There was a bug with the Soundcloud header social icon that has now been fixed.

Version 2.6

Released October 26, 2014.

New Beat Store Template Option View Live Demo

The new beat store template is in a scrolling window and offers 2 color theme options.

Dark Theme


Light Theme


New Beat Store

Beta Release – This new beat store template is still considered in beta release because there has been limited testing. This new player has been tested in Chrome ( Mac / PC ), Firefox ( Mac / PC ), Safari ( Mac / PC ), Internet Explorer 11, and on the iPhone 4s. There are tons of other mobile device out there that I can not test on, so I will be looking for user feedback for input.

New Beat Store Template Features:

  • Automatically Start Beat Store Player ( Optional ) – In the options panel you can now check a box to automatically start your beat store.
  • Beat Store Thumbnails ( Optional ) – You can now Include thumbnail images on the beat store homepage. If you do not upload a image a default image is automatically added. Thumbnails automatically disappear on smaller screens ( Mobile ).
  • Faster Loading – The player should take up less server resources because only one instance of flash is loading.
  • Add to Cart From Beat Store Homepage ( Only for Single Priced Beats ) – If your beat has one price it can now be added to the shopping cart widget directly from the beat store homepage. But if your beat has multiple prices ( variable pricing ), you will be redirected to the single beats page to see the multiple license price options. You need to have the Download Cart widget on the same page as your beat store to take advantage of this feature.
  • Beat Store Color Themes – There are 2 beat store color options: Light and Dark.
  • Next and previous track buttons to skip beats.
  • New Icon Buttons – The buy button and free download button on beat store homepage are now icons.
  • Lowest to Highest Price – In the other beat store templates the beat store shows the starting at price. In this new template if you have multiple prices, you will see the lowest and highest price which will look like this: $19.99 – $500.00. If you only have one price it will only show one price.
  • Producer names now appear on the beat store homepage if the information has been added to the beat
  • Edit Beat Information Link – A icon link now appears in the beat store window when you rollover the beat name to update information faster. This link only appears when logged in. Unfortunately when you click a beat, the player will start playing, but if you right click the icon and open in a new tab the player will not start.

All Beat Store General Updates

  • Highlight Icon – You can now select a highlight icon when adding / editing beats. You can select “On Sale”, “New”, and “Popular”. If you do not like the provided icons, you can change them with CSS.
  • Modify Free Download Text – A free download text input has been added to the theme options panel so you can change the text of what a free beat says on your beat store homepage.

Bug Fixes

  • Beat Store pagination bug on the homepage fixed.
  • Beat Store column bug fixed for iPhone.
  • Fixed CSS bug in photo and video overlay that was partially covered Facebook share button.

Updated Header Social Icons

The header icons are now the Font Awesome font icons which makes them more customizable. With CSS you can change all the icons to the solid color of your choice or make the icons color to match the companies brand. Read here for CSS tips.

Removed options: Myspace and Bandcamp options have been removed because the font does not include those icons.

social icons

Other Updates

  • Updated header code to pick the default font for your website if you leave the main font input empty.
  • Website Corners – The select round or square corner options has been removed from the theme options panel. The default is now square corners. If you want round corners check out this post.
  • Homepage SEO Title moved from the MISC tab to the General tab on the theme options panel.
  • Removed empty <ul> </ul> in the footer.
  • Updated JQuery.
  • Updated instruction help boxes for all post types.
  • Free download link code updated to force download for MP3 files. ( Supported in Firefox and Chrome )
  • Updated Download Cart CSS code.

Read: Things to keep in mind with using the Beat Store ( Playlist ) template:

  • If you use this new beat store template, when someone clicks the genre, category, or tags sorting links, they will be redirected to the old beat store layout with the beats sorted. There cannot be multiple beat sorting templates. So the genre, category, or tags sorting page will be updated in the future with this new layout. Update 11/5 – This has been fixed in the 2.7 update.
  • MP3 Error Prevention – New code has been added this beat store template to help prevent breaking the beat store in the new playlist. If you do not add a MP3 audio preview, the beat will not appear in the beat store.

Required Action to Take

Once you update the Music Maker theme if you want to take advantage of some of the new features, follow the steps below:

1. If you want to use the new beat store template: In WordPress click Static Pages on the sidebar. Click the name of the static page you created for your beat store. Under page Attributes select the Beat Store ( Playlist ) and click the Update button.


2. Free Download Text – If you have any beats with the Free Download status option you will need to go into the theme options panel under Beat Store and add text for the free download text and save the changes.

free download

3. Highlight Icons – If you would like to highlight any your beats with the New, Popular, or On Sale Icon you will need to edit each beat, select what option you want and save the beat.

highlight icon

4. Add to Cart From Beat Store Homepage – If you would like to take advantage of this feature, a beat will have to have a single price to be added directly to the shopping cart. So you need to make sure the “Enable Variable Pricing” under Pricing Options is unchecked and you only have 1 price.

multiple prices

To auto start your beat store, change the theme color, or hide the thumbnails click the theme options link and click the beat store tab.

Version 2.5

Released October 16, 2014.

  • Menu bug fixed – There was a bug with the navigation menu when appearing under the logo.
  • Beat store loop code updated.
  • Music Maker download file updated.

Version 2.4

Released September 23, 2014.

  • Menu bug fixed – You can now have a header and footer navigation menu.
  • Fixed broken link for the image banner widget.

Version 2.3

Released August 7, 2014.

There are 2 things you will have to do after updating to version 2.3 that will cause problems if you don’t do them.

  1. Update Navigation Location – Because of a typo in the navigation code which is now fixed, you will have to go into your Theme Options panel under the Header tab and click the Save Options button. If you do not do this your navigation menu will not appear on your website.
  2. Update the Store Product Types – There is a new “Product Type” option that appears when adding a new product. The product type options are Physical Product, Digital Download, and External Link. Because this selection option is new, you will have to go into every product in your product store and select the Product Type of that product. Then click the update button. If you do not do this the buy button on the single product pages will not appear.

Tutorial – How to Upgrade the Music Maker Theme to a New Version

Tutorial – How to add digital products to your product store.


Sell digital downloads in the product store – A new option has been added when adding products that allows you to offer digital downloads on your website using the same shopping cart as your beat store. View Tutorial here.

View live example to see the checkout experience.

Product Type

Remove WordPress Admin Menu Links – A new feature has been added under Settings called “Admin Sidebar Links” that will allow you to hide the WordPress admin sidebar links. So if you don’t want to use the features like Events, FAQs, Video Gallery, etc, you can hide these features.


Updated WordPress Admin Menu Icons

Overlay Window Share Buttons – Facebook and Twitter share buttons have been added to the photo and video gallery overlay windows. View Live Example

Share buttons

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed widget styling for beat categories, tags, and genres which was caused by a EDD plugin update.
  • Fixed Links: Updated all help website links that were broke. Links now properly link to http://help.musicmakertheme.com/.
  • Navigation Menu: Fixed a typo in the navigation code that didn’t save the navigation menu when updating the theme.
  • Dashboard: Fixed the help website news feed.
  • Shortcode Icon Missing: The “Button” shortcode icon has now been fixed.
  • Plugin: Fixed WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin conflict.

Admin Menu Updates

  • New Feature: Added new option under Tools called “Admin Sidebar Links” that allows you to hide sidebar links that you do not want to see.
  • Music Maker custom post type icons updated.
  • Admin menu links reordered and relabeled.
  • Videos renamed “Video Gallery”.
  • Photos renamed “Photo Gallery”.
  • Store renamed “Product Store” .
  • Posts renamed “Blog Posts”.
  • Media renamed “Media Uploads”.
  • Pages renamed “Static Pages”.

Product Store Updates

  • New Feature: Added Easy Digital Download download shortcode # input so you can now sell digital downloads using the same shopping cart as your beat store.
  • Added new “Product type” drop down menu option to select if your product is a Physical Product, Digital Download, or External Product.
  • Updated the Product Details area in the WordPress admin.
  • External Buy Link has been moved into the Product Details box.
  • Added the product “Type” column to the all products admin page.

Theme Options Panel Updates

  • Removed logo selection dropdown menu option. A image logo will be added to your website once you upload a logo image. If no image is uploaded, html text will display by default.
  • Updated the “Help” tab information and broken links.
  • Removed Product Store settings from the MISC tab and gave it it’s own tab
  • Changed the default background image of the theme to Dark Wood.
  • Updated 2013 to 2014 in the options panel copywriter footer.
  • Updated theme options text.
  • Changed Square Corners to the theme default.

Single Beat Page Improvements

  • Added CSS class to single beat page “View Count” that will allow you to hide the view count. CSS code to hide the view count is: .single-page-view-count { display: none; }
  • Added code to the beat “Type” text to not appear if no genre has been added.
  • Added a CSS update that will automatically resize your uploaded image for a single beat to 160 x 160.

Beat Admin Improvements

Added a “Image” column to the all beats admin page.


Misc Changes

  • Widgets Page Update – Updated the Music Maker custom widget styling on the Widgets page.
  • Improved code. Remove empty php variables.
  • Updated navigation menu code.
  • Improved functions.php code.
  • Updated text on beat audio preview upload.
  • Added help links to the dashboard.
  • Updated homepage banner code.
  • Updated pagination number of FAQs and Events to 20.
  • Added Easy Digital Downloads add-ons link.
  • Added become a Music Maker Affiliate link to the help tab.
  • Added HHM membership link.

Version 2.2

Released February 2, 2014.

Major Bug Fix

  • Easy Digital Downloads 1.9.4 Bug Fixed – You can now upgrade to the latest version. Removed: Custom PHP files from edd_templates folder to help avoid future update problems. The checkout page is now using default template layout.

New Features

New: Continue shopping button added to single beat page to link back to your beat store homepage. You can easily change the text in this button, or choose to hide the button in the options panel under the Beat Store tab. This button only appears on “For Sale” beats.

Check the example here: http://demo.musicmakertheme.com/downloads/no-more/


New: Change navigation menu location to appear above or below your site logo. To change this go to theme options under the header tab.

New: Beats now have categories and tags for sorting. More sorting options. You already had “Type/Genre”, but now you can add tags and categories to beats.

View the new sorting options here: http://demo.musicmakertheme.com/

Widgets: You can now use the Downloads category and tags widget for beats.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 8.08.59 PM

New: Categories added to the product store, photo gallery, events, faqs, and videos. You can now add custom categories to each one of these post types, so the visitor can sort by category on the main page of each post type.

A dropdown menu now appears on the top right of these post types, for the visitor to select and sort the content.

View a working example here: http://demo.musicmakertheme.com/photo-gallery/

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 8.12.46 PM

New: Paginated beat store table template. This is a optional beat store template breaks the beat store table into increments of 20. This will decrease your server load and load faster for people who have over 50 beats. This template includes the sidebar. This table is not searchable or sortable. Once again, use of this template is optional if you want to decrease search load of the beat store table.

See working example here: http://demo.musicmakertheme.com/beat-store-paginated/

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 8.30.42 PM

Other Updates & Changes

  • Update: Theme options help tab updated with new help content.
  • Update: Header logo image width increased to 560 pixels. Previously was only 400 pixels.
  • Update: Header social icon number decreased from 9 to 6. This is to allow more space for wider logos.
  • Update: The word “beats” has been removed from the beat store table search. This helps users who use the beat store for more than just beats.
  • Update: Homepage banner admin panel updated. Homepage banner image moved to the second spot.
  • Update: Font under blog post headline updated.
  • Update: Updated CSS code for read more link.
  • Update: Text widget banner made responsive.
  • Update: CSS rollover style of widget tags.
  • Update: Homepage banner code added to the following pages to show the homepage banner if the these pages are your homepage: Product store, photo gallery, events page, video gallery, and faqs.
  • Removed: Header underline option in the options panel removed.
  • Removed: Removed beat store table row CSS rollover.
  • Update: Improved spacing for alert message once something has been added to the beat shopping cart.
  • Fixed: Tag cloud widget bug fixed.


Version 2.1

Released October 9, 2013


  • Music genre select boxes added to the menu page.
  • Added CSS for second level drop down menus.
  • Added music genres to the beat store admin page.
  • Added testimonial shortcode and shortcode button.

New Widgets

1. Beat Buying Steps ( Now a widget )
2. Events
3. Facebook Like Box
4. FeedBurner ( Now a widget )
5. Testimonial
6. Vimeo video widget
7. Youtube video widget


  • Updated the styling of the beat shopping cart widget ( Downloads Cart).
  • The word “Genre” has been changed to “Type” on the beat store homepage and single beat pages.
  • The “How to add beats” instructions in help box have been updated. Uploading zip files are suggested.
  • The “How to add free beat downloads” in help box have been updated. Uploading zip files are suggested.
  • The Beat store full width, or width a side bar can now be password protected pages.
  • The word “Beat plays” has been changes to “Page Views”.
  • New theme screen shot image.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated audio player image code that didn’t work on some servers.
  • Updated store homepage currency code symbol.
  • Fixed genre page bug.

Images of the New Features

Second level drop down menu added.


Music genre selection box added to the menu page.


Updated beat shopping cart widget styling updated. This widget is called “Downloads Cart” on the widgets page.


New Photo Gallery Widget – Randomly loads images you have added to your photo gallery.


New Testimonial Widget


New Events Widget


New Youtube Widget


New Facebook Like Widget


New Vimeo Widget


Improved Beat Buying Steps Widget


Updated Feedburner Widget


Now view music genres on the beat store admin page.


New Testimonial Shortcode

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.23.10 AM

Version 2.0

Released September 11, 2013.

The new 2.0 theme is packed full of code improvements and new features.

What you should know before you update to the new theme

  • New Improved Beat StoreAll your beat store information and beats will have to be re-added to the site. Because the Music Maker theme now offers digital downloads and new beat status options, you pretty much have to start from scratch as far as your beats ( Not blog post and static pages, they are fine ). But the mp3 files you previously uploaded for beat previews, can still be used once you re-add a beat. You will just have to link up each beat to the audio preview file you already uploaded.
  • New Homepage Banner – There is a new improved homepage banner carousel that allows you to add multiple images in a slide show. But your current homepage banner information in the options panel will be lost. So keep in mind that you will need a new homepage graphic at a new size and back up your current text.
  • S.E.O Options Removed From Options Panel – All static pages now offer meta descriptions and meta keyword input fields. So make sure you back up your meta keywords and meta description that you added in the options panel, and apply it to what ever page you plan to make into your homepage. Your beat store page for example.
  • Analytics box removed from the options panel
  • Widget Updates – You will have to update all Music Maker theme custom widgets. Because of code improvements, you can now relabel the New Beats, Random Beats, and the Recent Posts widget.
  • You may have to re-enter your social profile information in the options panel for the header icons.
  • General Updates – Tons of information has been updated and relabeled.
    • Custom widgets renamed
    • Options panel code updated and reorganized

Those are the major changes that do not transfer over with the theme update.

Beat Store Updates

Automatic beat downloads ( mp3 format )

  • Limit the number of times a file can be downloaded.
  • Upload multiple file formats ( File size restrictions depend on your web site host ).

4 Beat status options

  • For Sale – Beats for sale.
  • Free Download – Offer free beats in the beat store.
  • Sold – Keep beats in your beat store that are already sold to showcase your work. No buy button appears.
  • No Price – No price allows you to add beats to your site that do not have a price, so your visitors can contact you for pricing. No buy button appears.

Additional Beat Store Updates

  • New beat shopping cart.
  • Purchase history & reports
  • Charted data – View weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly beat sells.
  • Payment history – All purchase history is in one place. View purchase dates, emails, names, and amounts.
  • View data logs – Sales, Downloads, and payment errors.
  • Export data to CSV or PDF.

Create unlimited coupons and Discount Codes

  1. Set a date time length on a sales promotion.
  2. Offer discounts at a flat rate or a percentage of the shopping cart total.

    1. 25% Off All Beat Purchases Over $75 – Promotion Runs 2 Weeks Only.
    2. Lease 3 Beats, Get 1 Leased Beat Free
    3. $50 Off All Exclusive Beats – 24 Hour Sale!
  3. Optional: Limit promotions to specific beats.
  4. Optional: Limit number of times a promotion code can be used.

Auto Email Notifications

  • Purchase Receipt – Customers who purchase a beat from you will automatically receive a email with a receipt of their purchase, and links to download your beats.
  • Beat Sold Emails – You will receive a email notifying you of the newly sold beat, and how much you money you made.
  • Variable beat pricing – Add unlimited license options for each beat.
  • Beat licensing terms and conditions check box added to the shopping cart page.
  • Full width beat store page added ( No sidebar appears ).
  • Hide BPM – Display or hide BPM on the beat store table in the options panel.
  • Genre pages – You can now sort beats by genre. Example: View Hip Hop beats only.
  • Beat view count – View how many times a single beat page has been visited. 9/6
  • WordPress admin beat store now displays beat status, beat price, # of sales, BPM, beat views, and short code to embed a buy button on single post / pages.
  • Meta description and meta keywords boxes added to beats.
  • Buy button added to the beat store homepage.
  • Beat play button and table row size has been decreased to show more beats on the screen. 9/6
  • Default beat count on the beat store homepage has been increased to 35. Previous default was 15. 9/6
  • Search and beat # display drop down menu now hidden by default and appears when a search button is clicked. 9/6
  • Option added to add content below the beat store table. 9/6

Responsive Design

  • Theme now re-sizes for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Embedded videos automatically re-size.
  • Navigation menu changes to a drop down menu.

New Post Types

  1. Photo Gallery – Create your own photo gallery on your website.
  2. Video Gallery – Set up a video page of Youtube and Vimeo videos.
  3. FAQ page – Create a FAQ page for your customers that automatically toggles to show and hide questions.
  4. Events – This is a page for upcoming events. Link to external sites to sell event tickets.
  5. Store Products – Add products to your website. Sell products using PayPal or link to external websites. Offers a product slideshow on single product pages.

Sidebar Updated – There are now 3 sidebar options. This allows you to change the experience for the user to encourage theme to listen to more beats, view promos and more.

  • General Sidebar – Appears on all pages for blog post and static pages.
  • Beat Store & Genre Page Sidebar – Appears only on the beat store homepage and genre page.
  • Single Beats Sidebar – Appears only on the single beat pages.

Homepage Banner Carousel

  • Add unlimited homepage banners.
  • Link to internal or external pages.
  • Add a headline and sub headline over the image banner.

Footer Updates

  • 3 Footer widgets spots – You can now add widgets to the footer of the website.
  • Footer menu – Create a second menu that appears in the footer of your website

Widgets Updates

  • Genre Widget Added – Adding this widget will list all the genres you have beats for and when clicked will take the user to a page that only list beats for that genre.
  • Text Banner Widget Added – Create a simple text banner. Change the background color, font sizes, and button color without touching any code.
  • Image Banner Widget Added – Easily add a image banner and link it to any page without touching any code.
  • 3 Previous Widgets Updated – Recent post, random beats, and newest beats have all been updated to now included a title input field, and select the number of items to display is now in a drop down menu.

Promotion Bar – Create a promotional bar that appears on top of your website to notify the visitors of promotions, news updates, and more.

  • Customize the background color.
  • Add a button to link to internal or external sites.
  • When closed, the promo bar will show again for the visitor for 24 hours.

Option Panel Updates

  • Sidebar position – Select option to display the sidebar on the left or right side of your site.
  • Copyright text input added.
  • Social Share Buttons – Select to show or hide the social buttons that come built into the theme. This gives you the option to add other social sharing button plugins.
  • Header underline – Select to show or hide the border under the header.
  • Square or Round Corners – Select if you would like, to have round or square corners on your website.
  • Homepage SEO Title – Enter the text you would like to appear in the title tag on the homepage of your website.
  • Photo Gallery Link – Select if you would like, the photos in the photo gallery to open up in an overlay window or new page.
  • Analytic tracking code input remove due to bugs 9/6

WordPress Admin Updates

  • Music Maker Help news feed now appears in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Theme Options link now appears in the admin bar when you are logged into WordPress.
  • Help information boxes have been added to post, beats, videos, photos, FAQs, events, store products, and homepage banners to help give you steps on adding content to the website.
  • Theme Options link on the sidebar change to “Music Maker Options”.
  • SEO meta descriptions and meta keywords added to blog post, static pages, products, and beats to help with search engine optimization.
  • Featured image support has been added to blog post. You can now add a image that is 580 x 250 pixels.
  • Relabeled custom post title text. Example: When adding a new beat, the title said “Enter Title Here” . The title input now says “Enter Beat Name”.

Bug Fixes

  1. Beat store fixed to work on iOs devices.
  2. iOs Submit buttons styling updated.
  3. Recent beats and random beats widget code updated to fix beats with no genre.
  4. Widget header bug

Code Changes

  • Jquery script updated.
  • Media elements script updated.
  • FAQ toggle styling updated to no longer have the plus and minus sign.
  • A lot of code has been improved to load faster.
  • Cleaned up multiple widget code.
  • Updated text on 404 page. Fixed search button bug.
  • Text line height increased.
  • index.php hard coded “Blog” title removed. ( 8/24 )
  • Updated for for translation. ( 8/24 )
  • Scrolling arrow removed due to a iPad bug ( 8/30 )

Removed Functions

  • Removed Meta Widget
  • Removed RSS Widget

Version 1.2

Released April 20, 2013.

  • Bug with custom background not working fixed.
  • Read Me.txt file added
  • Logo examples added
  • Graphic Design Bundle added for everyone.

Version 1.1

Released February 13, 2013.

  • Problem fixed in the beat store with beats not loading in the pagination.
  • Checkbox added to options panel to automatically start beats.
  • Checkbox added to options panel to hide HipHopMakers website link.
  • Checkbox added to options panel to switch between round and square corners.
  • CSS file update to fix a .email class bug.
  • Change log file added.
  • PSD files added to zip file.
  • CSS file cleaned up.
  • Footer and header bug fixed.
  • Contact form plugin updated.

Version 1.0

Released December 14, 2012.

  • Theme released to the public.
Updated on October 24, 2017

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