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Activate License Key ( Required )

You are required to enter your license key to unlock the beat store and receive theme updates.

If you do not activate your license key only 10 items will load in the beat store, product store, photo gallery, and more.

Where is my license key?

Follow this tutorial on how to login to your account. Once you login, you will have access to your license key.

How to Activate Your License Key

  1. In WordPress click Theme License under Appearance on the sidebar.
  2. Paste in your License Key number.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. If the button does not say activated, click the Activate button.


  • Double check to make sure you are entering the correct license key number.
  • To unlock the beat store make sure you click the activate button.
  • If you activated your license key on 1 website, make sure your deactivate the license key before trying to use it for another website address.
  • If you have problems activating, try troubleshooting by turning off all plugins except Easy Digital Downloads to see if you still have the problems.

Managing Your License Key

  • You can only use your license key for 1 website.
  • If you use your license key for one domain address, you will need to deactivate it before switching to another domain name.

How to Deactivate a Website

  1. Go to store.hiphopmakers.com
  2. Reset your password.
  3. Login and click View Licenses.
  4. Click Manage Sites.
  5. Remove the site you are no longer using.

This feature was added in version 2.20.

Updated on November 9, 2017

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