3.0 Release

Please read this post thoroughly to avoid confusion.

Activating Your License Key Now Required
The beat store, product store, and other pages will only load 10 items until you enter your license key.

Video Overview

Version 3.0 has over 100 big and small changes.


Customizer Tip: If you are looking for any feature listed in this post, it will be somewhere in the WordPress Customizer, so please look around.

New Features

New Homepage Template

There is a new template called Frontpage Sections that lets you create a long homepage.

Live Demo Site

Tutorial: How to Add Frontpage Sections

  • There are over 17 Frontpage Sections.
  • For each section, you can change the text color, background color, or add a background image.
  • Animation Features – You can choose from 20 animation styles on how the information is loaded into each section.
    • The animations are triggered when a user scrolls up or down the page.

Beat Store Updates

Track Beat Plays

You can now see how many times a song in the beat store playlist has been played.

  • To show or hide the play count go to Customize > Beat Store > Beat Store Settings
  • The play count is hidden by default. You can also change the “Plays” text.

View Total Plays on the Dashboard

Tracking Details

  • Single beat page views are still tracked.
  • The “Plays” text does not appear if the beat has no plays.
  • All beats will start at 0 plays because the tracking does not start until version 3.0.

New Animated Bars

You can now turn on an option to have animated bars appear when a track in the beat store playlist is playing.

Go to Customize > Beat Store > Beat Store Settings to show or hide this feature, and go to Customize > Beat Store > Audio Player & Playlist Colors to change the animated bars colors.

Important: The animated bars animation is random, it does NOT sync with audio.

Change the Audio Player Colors

Under Customize > Beat Store > Audio Player & Playlist Colors you can now adjust the color of the audio player.

This option also changes the single audio player color.

You can now also pick the color of the checkout button when an item is in the shopping cart.

New Overlay Windows

There is now an option to add a Sale and Instructions button to the beat sort bar that will open overlay windows.

Sale Overlay Window

This is what appears when the Sale button is clicked.

This can be used to help promote your current sales and promotions. Live Demo

  • You can customize the text in the button, and modify the text and background image in the overlay window.
  • To edit, go to Customize > Beat Store > Sale ( Overlay Window )
  • CSS to Change the Font Awesome Sale Icon
    /* Sale Icon */ .fa-tags:before { content: “\f02c” !important; }
    Update the content:”” code: Icon Codes

Instructions Overlay Window

This is what appears when the Instructions button is clicked.

This allows you to add instructions on how to buy beats.

  • You can customize the text in the button, and modify the icon colors.
  • To edit, go to Customize > Beat Store > Instructions ( Overlay Window )

Clear Button

A Clear sort results button will appear in the sorting drop down if beats have been live sorted.

Highlight Icons Updated

The beat highlight icons have been updated to flat images to match the beat store playlist more.

Bigger Beat Description Input

The beat description input is now bigger to add more text on the single beat pages.

  • The code has been updated to read line breaks in the text without HTML code.
  • If you have beat descriptions with a lot of text, please double check the single beat page to see how it looks, and remove any unnecessary formatting.

Beat Descriptions Appear in Overlay Window

Under Customize > Beat Store > Add to Cart ( Overlay Window ), you can now select to display beat descriptions in the overlay window.

Also, the Free Beat download link now opens up an overlay window so you can include text in the beat description to include free beat limitations.

New Soundwave Audio Player

You can now select a new Soundwave audio player on the single beat page. View Live Demo

To select the audio player go to Customize > Beat Store > Single Beat Page

Single Beat Page Changes

The beat info has been put side by side instead of the previous columns to take up less space.

New options added in the WordPress Customizer to hide the Producer, BPM, Times, Views, & Type text on the single beat page.

New option added to change the text above the license options. Default text: License Options

Go to Customize > Beat Store > Single Beat Page if you would like to show related beat thumbnail images. View Live Demo

  • Beats aren’t related, they load randomly.

Set Default Beat Thumbnail

You can now change the default beat store thumbnail image.

Product Store Updates

Audio Preview for Products

A new input has been added when editing products to upload an MP3 audio file. Live Preview

  • MP3 format is the only supported audio preview format.

The single product pages now have the option to display related products. This feature randomly loads products from your product store. View Live Preview

  • To show or hide related products go to Customize > Product Store
  • You can also change the “Related Products” text.

Additional Single Product Page Changes

  • You can switch the product image on the single product page to appear on the left or right. Edit at Customize > Product Store
  • The sorting dropdown has been removed from single product pages.
  • The product categories now appear under the social icons.
  • The price has been moved up above the product description.

New Page Title Option

You can now select a full width page title under Customize > Misc > Page Title

You can change the text, background color, and upload a custom background image. Live Demo

  • The previous page titles are set by default, to change this go to Customize > Misc > Page Title

Page Animations

You can now select from 20 different animations styles on how information is loaded into a page.

  • Animations are triggered when a page is loaded, or when a visitor scrolls up or down a page.
  • By default, all pages are given a Fade In option.
  • You can turn off this feature if you like.
  • To edit click Customize > Misc and click which section you would like to edit.
  • Customizer Note: Animations may not always preview in the customizer, but will work on the live site.

Under Customize > Header > Menu Location, you can now select to have a sticky navigation menu.

  • When turned on, the sticky navigation menu appears when the page is scrolled down past 500 pixels.

Change Button Style

Under Customize > Colors you can choose to make your website button square, round, or pill shape.


Adjust Website Name Font Size & Padding

Under Customize > Header > Logo & Title you can now change your sites title font size and top padding.

This gives you the option to remove the tagline and center your site’s name vertically with the social media icons.

Modify Google Font Weights

You can now adjust the font weights for the fonts you select.

Not all fonts have different font weights, so you will have to test out the different font weights to see which ones work.

Google Fonts Select Menus

The Google Font inputs have been updated to select drop downs to help people avoid entering incorrect names or leaving the input empty. Over 800 font names included.

New Welcome Panel

A new welcome panel appears on the dashboard with links to access sections in WordPress faster. If you have suggestions for the links, leave a comment.

New Demo Import Process

The new demo import process imports sample content, widgets, and customizer settings in under 2 minutes.

Customizer Updates

Edit Icons

When using the Customizer, you will now see edit icons over specific sections that you can modify in the customizer. When clicked it will open up the customizer panel for that section so you can make changes.

Other Customizer Changes

  1. Customizer panels reordered.
  2. Google Analytics moved to Misc panel.
  3. Renamed “Static Frontpage” to “Homepage”.
    • Homepage banner options moved to the Homepage panel.
  4. Frontpage Sections panel added.
  5. Added customizer quick links under appearance on the sidebar.
  6. Footer panel moved to Misc panel.
  7. Renamed “Additional CSS” to “Custom CSS”.
  8. Updated the styling of the customizer inputs.
  9. Merged Beat Store General Settings into Beat Store Settings panel.
  10. All checkboxes changed to toggle boxes.
  11. Number option inputs updated.
  12. Many radio buttons updated to toggle buttons.
  13. Header BG Image panel moved into Header Colors.
  14. Social icons added to profile inputs.

Removed Code & Features

  1. Removed the Music Maker Help Link in the top admin menu.
  2. At a Glance dashboard widget. This info has been added into the new welcome message
  3. Theme Options link under Music Maker sidebar link.
  4. Removed code that hides widgets descriptions.
  5. Blog comment avatar images.
  6. Customizer link under Music Maker on the sidebar.
  7. Clear button on the beat sort pages.
  8. WordPress image widget – The theme has the image banner widget which offers more options.
  9. Recent comments widget.
  10. WordPress default video widget. The theme has a YouTube and Vimeo widget.
  11. Removed hover.css
  12. Removed the Beat Store Sales dashboard widget. It was causing problems with the admin sidebar. You can go to the reports page to view sales reports.

Additional Updates

  1. Music Maker License Required: The beat store, product store, photo gallery, and other pages will only load 10 items until activated. How to Activate
    1. Removed the labels above the comment inputs, and added the text inside the inputs to look cleaner.
    2. Moved the comment date below the comments.
  3. Updated the loading animation code to not load on any of the beat playlist pages, because it loaded when sorting.
  4. POT file added for WordPress translation ( musicmaker.pot )
  5. Updated Font Awesome to 4.7.0.
  6. Updated the 404 page text.
  7. The Grid Shortcodes now support shortcodes inside them.
  8. Added help text to the temporary widgets.
  9. Changed the default beat store playlist color to the light version.
    • You can update this at Customize > Beat Store > Audio Player & Playlist Colors
  10. Beat Sort Bar: The text Cart in the beat sort bar has been updated to “Checkout”
    • You can update this text at Customize > Beat Store > Beat Sort Bar
  11. Updated single beat page responsive code to center the text and images on mobile devices.
  12. Product Store: Updated shortcode description help text.
  13. Updated broken help links.
  14. Updated beat buying steps default widget text
  15. Added code to the beat store playlist to not preload if beats aren’t on autoplay ( preload=“none” )
  16. Updated WordPress admin CSS included files.
  17. New theme screenshot image.
  18. Removed howdy text in the admin menu.
  19. Increased the body text line height.
  20. Made the default font size 16 pixels.
  21. Updated shortcode icons.
  22. Updated the edit beat page button styling.
  23. Updated beat sort links to not render taxonomy descriptions.
  24. Added CSS max width to .wp-caption.
  25. Updated photo gallery and video gallery titles to limit the number of characters in a title.
  26. Removed unnecessary meta boxes from the admin page section when using specific page templates.
  27. Sitemap page updated to include Beats, Products, Photos, and Events
  28. Added scroll anchor animation code for the Frontpage template.
    You can link to a section the page with the # and it’s name. Example: #beats
    Beats – #beats, Pricing Table – #license , Services – #services, Products – #products, Video – #video, Blog – #blog , Contact – #contact , About – #about , Photos – #photos, Text 1 – #t1 , Text 2 – #t2, Text 3 – #t3 , Text 4 – #t4, Text 5 – #t5, Production Credits – #credits
  29. Added CSS column for recent posts, beats, and buying steps.


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed JS widget error. ( .color-field )
  2. Fixed bug on the all banners page with the banner image overlapping the other columns.
  3. Fixed variable issues with the edit admin sidebars page.
  4. Fixed beat store admin input errors ( Updated with isset () )
  5. Fixed CSS issue with Easy Digital Download reports page with the column being the incorrect size.
  6. Fixed PHP errors and added default settings to the following widgets: Text Banner, Social Profiles, Image Banner, About
  7. Fixed JQuery errors.
  8. Fixed error on admin columns. ( Undefined Index )
  9. Fixed errors with testimonial widget and added sample text.
  10. Fixed beat store playlist JQuery error with e is not defined.

Update Tested on the Following:

  • Mac: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Edge
  • iPad: Safari, Chrome
  • iPhone: Safari, Chrome

Photo Credits for Frontpage Images
Updated on October 24, 2017

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  1. I must say that I thank you for such dedication to this theme! It is getting better and better! Wish you alot more success with whatever it is you want to do in life(PS: If you could- please let me know what you think of my site and beats- and how the heck could I get a sale! lol – I know my beats are different but I guess people will eventually catch on) (and yes I am promoting and doing what I can on social media to make people aware of my brand)

  2. After update in product store in my webpage are visible only 8 product. Can you help me ?

    1. You are now required to entire your license key. Once you activate your license all the beats and products will show.

  3. Upgraded version in on point. My site looks like something someone put money into. Like a big investment. Great job, God bless!!

  4. I’m still seeing 10 beats after activating my license key on the theme. The theme shows “activated” but I’m still seeing 10 beats on my beat store.. I’ve deactivated plugins, cleared my website cache, cleared browser cache, deactivated the license key, reactivated the key… still 10 beats.. please help!

    Nice upgrade!

  5. OMG This is amazing i will never got to beatstars or airbit you are the best

  6. Is it possible to add the beatstars or flashstore player to frontpage? it would be very useful….

  7. website not rendering properly in internet explorer 11? How to fix?

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