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3.0.1 Release

Here are the update notes for version 3.0.1 on October 16th.

If you did not update to version 3.0, read the 3.0 Release notes first.

Please read this post thoroughly to avoid confusion.

Animations Now Turned Off By Default

Many people have had problems with animations not working on older devices, so the following changes have been made:

  • All animations are now turned off by default.
  • Animation settings location moved in the WordPress Customizer
    • The page animations can now be found under
      Customize > Misc ( 10 ) > Animation Options

    • The Frontpage Section animation settings are still under each individual Frontpage Section
  • Animations are now disabled on mobile devices.
  • Animations are now disabled in Internet Explorer.
  • Please Note: Older browsers don’t appear to support the page animations.

Additional Changes

  • Bug: Fixed issues with video overlays not working with https:// address.
  • Updated the Text 5 Frontpage Section to be able to change the text color of the testimonial shortcode.
  • Updated admin footer links.
  • Updated activate license alert text and color.
Updated on December 20, 2017

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