How to Download the Theme From Gumroad or Sellfy

If you purchased the Music Maker theme, to download the latest files you must create an account with either or using the email address you used to buy the theme.

  1. Select the Correct Site - Select the site you used to buy the theme, it is either Gumroad or Sellfy. Maybe check your email box if you are unsure.
  2. Use the Correct Email Address - Make sure you use the correct email address when creating the account or you will not see the theme files in your library.
  3. Once you create the account, the files will appear in the purchase library. on Gumroad.

gumroad on Sellfy.


Still don't see the files?

  • Double check to make sure you used the same email address you used to buy the theme. Search your email box for the purchase email to be sure.
  • Refresh the site. After creating the Gumroad or Sellfy account it may take a few minutes for theme to show up.
  • Gumroad FAQ - Where is my purchase?
  • Sellfy FAQ - Having trouble downloading your purchase?

Once you get the latest files, check out How to Update the Music Maker Theme.

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